Monday, January 19, 2009

SCHIAKU: A Collaboration Of Terri Schiavo Haikus Imagined With Nate And Kolby Circa 2005


terri was in track
but she always lost races
cuz she could not move

your jump serve was rad
you really got air that time
too bad your spine snapped

pile of drooling love
now a homey in tha sky
leaving me yearning

saw you in a dream
with brand new air schiavos on
please let me tap it

we made out one time
i got to second and third
you seemed to like it

your dog killed itself
i would too if you named me
"ba gab kerk jab haf"

my feet are scratched up
the sand can tax a balla
is your drool a balm?

i passed it to you
you just let it hit the ground
i wish you could move

playoffs are on FOX
terri, turn your boombox down?
nevermind, i will

are you a gymnast?
i doubt you are any good
because you are dead

terri, over here
schiavs, I'm open, hit me up
oh snap, you cant move

i'll never forget
you invited me to dance
then you just laid there


  1. Batman decided to go camping and he stayed camping for 20 years until Frank Miller talked him out of it.

  2. i'm so happy right now.