Monday, January 19, 2009

A Blog Is Born



One time in 2007 I was watching 'Survivorman' with Steve. During the episode, the hero was hunched over some tinder in the middle of a rainstorm doing his damndest to make fire. Finally, fire happened, and the hero declared, "We did it, we have fire. Cold, wet fire, but it is fire."

Steve and I stopped and stared at each other while that processed.

This blog is a tribute to that ever-elusive perfect storm of victory, humor, and failure that is best encapsulated by saying "Cold Wet Fire" with a straight face.


Michael J. Ricketts



  1. Also, bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzi chkchkhkcakca,chha ckhc

  2. i'm going to need daily updates.

  3. being an avid survivorman watcher and razor sharp wit enjoy-er, i have no choice but to TiVo this blog until my HD is full... of wisdom.