Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dave's Habanero Delight


My friend Dave and I have a standing bet every time the Packers and Vikings play. If Minnesota wins, I eat a habanero pepper, if Green Bay wins, Dave eats a habanero pepper. I hadn't seen Dave since last fall, so when he came to town this weekend I was excited to watch him enjoy the snacks I picked out for him at Whole Foods.

Dave chose to eat the peppers right before we all headed out to breakfast. When we got seated at The Lyndale Tap House, he had disappeared. I had noticed him grunting and panting during the walk to the restaurant, and figured he must have headed straight downstairs to the men's room. We then had the text message conversation below.

ME: You OK?
DAVE: Go ahead & order, this could be a bit. Get me a pancake.
ME: Talk to me about what is happening.
DAVE: The fever just broke, must have been 105. Im soaked in sweat. Pooping.

After about 20 minutes I decided to go downstairs and try to interview Dave while on his journey through discomfort. It really was like winning the Super Bowl all over again.



  1. This really is just one of the best things there is. Dave should have a TV show.

  2. He might not want to maintain this bet anymore after that morning... Hilarious! You guys be crazy!


  3. Wow. Nothing like coming correct on a bet. Nice work, all parties involved!