Monday, November 15, 2010

Living Near Gllen: Entry 0


Janelle and Mark are dangerously close to owning the house across the street, which means Kate and I are dangerously close to Living Near Gllen.

Bidding on the house has been an arduous process for them, I had no idea 'short sales' can take so long. A pretty bad name really.

I hope I am not jinxing anything but if they have a favorable inspection this afternoon, the closing is scheduled for November 30th.

Which means my Christmas present to the world this year is the premiere of periodic Living Near Gllen entries, in the spirit of Janelle's own blog, To clarify, Janelle and Mark are a couple, and Mark also goes by Gllen sometimes.

Since I haven't posted a blog of any real substance in months (or ever) I know there is no reason to believe Living Near Gllen entries will appear with any regularity. I will do my best. May his cameos in this blog be as random and splendid as his occurrences in our lives.



  1. I will be the biggest fan of this blog!

  2. I'm looking forward to the experience of living near Gllen (and Janelle) and another great Gllen blog!


  3. anxiously awaiting the first official entry....