Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Update, And Some Feelings From Steve


I have been slacking on blogging in a major way. I will pretend that a lack of motivation has nothing to do with this and blame it all on the move. Yes, Kate and I are alive and kicking out at the new house. It still hurts to say I live in Richfield/the suburbs, especially since we are only 7 blocks south of Minneapolis and other houses we looked at. However, we are both very excited and pleased with our new place. Some thoughts as a new homeowner:

- Knox Avenue South is quieter than Uptown.
- It is harder for Val to bother me all the way down here.
- A month ago was the first time I ever mowed a lawn, kind of sad.
- I like mowing the lawn. Don't tell Kate though, I need to keep it as chore status/bargaining chip.
- Kate may have some things to learn about gardening/planting.
- Our neighbors to the north will never cease to surprise us.
- So far, I feel nothing like Tom Hanks in 'The Burbs.'

- I never paid attention to rain unti I had a lawn.
- Houses make scary noises at scary times.
- There are more bugs in the suburbs.
- Brent moves in upstairs in a month.
- Considering demanding a $2k security deposit from Brent.

Now, Steve shares some feelings:

mike: brent has 6 fish tanks in his room
steve: mike has 6 fish tanks in his house in july
mike: seaworld up in here
mike: brents fave movie will be finding nemo soon
steve: it is
steve: brett favres fave movie too
mike: really?
steve: who cares... he's dead to me
mike: i would have guessed Backdraft
steve: talk about going to the darkside
steve: he deserves to be spit on by 10 million packer fans for this bs
mike: what % chance you think he plays in MN
steve: 100
steve: all those viking bitchs better boo the shit out of favre everytime he throws the ball
steve: i'd puke if a legend from the vikes came to green bay
steve: would never happen in GB
steve: I hope he breaks his legs in preseason
mike: lol
steve: but u know they gonna all get the jerseys and pray he wins games for them cause they all losers
steve: i'd like to think favre is gonna do his best and then purposely blow a game so they don't have a chance in hell to make the playoffs... and then say... gotcha
steve: "go pack go"
steve: story book ending
mike: lol
steve: he rips off the vikings jersey at the end of the game and there is a packer shirt... and all he says is go pack go as the viks lose the game to the packers
mike: then he dunks ball over goalpost and tears it down
mike: like shaq
steve: and then he strips down naked and humps erin andrews
steve: 2 weeks later he dies of a cheese overdose
steve: i like it
mike: lololol
mike: at heath ledgers NYC apartment
steve: lol



  1. We should hit the Orange Julius 'n slip a forty into that cupizle. Get wasted, yo.

  2. Could use a new post, yo.