Monday, January 19, 2009

Fuck Grapefruit

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  1. Four men are in a contest. The winner of the contest gets one billion 999 million 999 hundredthousand and 1 dollars and 50cents. To win this great prize they have to undergo a great challenge, but if they fail, they will be instantly killed. The four men are given fruits and they have to stuff them up their buts without making any noise or showing a facial expresion.

    The first man gets three apples. He puts the first to in, then makes a face and is killed. The second guy has two bananas and two avacodos. He squeels in pain and dies. The third guy has pitless cherries with no stems. he puts eight out of nine in when he starts cracking up with laughter and is killed.

    When he goes to heaven, an angel says "why'd you give up, you almost won?". The man replies "I started laughing because the next guy, the last contestant, had ten pineapples.